Educational Software

COMPROP2 is an interactive computer program for the calculation of the properties of various compressible flows. The software was developed in collaboration with Dr. L. M. Tam (a former Ph.D. student and now with University of Macau). There are six modules in this computer program. The first five modules calculate the properties for:  Isentropic Flow, Normal Shock Wave, Oblique Shock Wave Fanno Flow, and Rayleigh Flow. The last module is for Supersonic Airfoil Analysis. For the first five modules, the user can input data and obtain output through a dialog box or from a graph, which is generated using the flow equations. For the supersonic airfoil analysis, a CAD environment is developed for the user to define the dimensions and shape of an airfoil. The software can then calculate the lift force, the drag force, and the pressure distribution of the airfoil according to the flow Mach number and the airfoil angle of attack. COMPROP2 is available with the second edition of “Introduction to Compressible Fluid Flow", by P. H. Oosthuizen and W. E. Carscallen, CRC Press, 2013.

Steady State and Transient Heat Conduction (SS-T-CONDUCT) is an interactive computer program and can be used for solving one and two dimensional steady state and transient heat conduction problems. This software was developed in collaboration with Mr. H. Al-Matar (former MS student). The program can handle variety of boundary conditions (constant temperature, specified heat flux, convection). For the transient solution, both implicit and explicit schemes can be used. The software is available with the 5th edition of "Heat and Mass Transfer – Fundamentals and Applications", by Çengel and Ghajar, McGraw-Hill, 2014.